Assemblyman Oaks And Senator Helming Announce Upcoming Repair Of Four Wayne County Erie Canal Bridges

December 11, 2017

WAYNE COUNTY -- Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R-C 130 Macedon) and Senator Pamela Helming (R-C-I 54 Canandaigua) are pleased to announce that the state Department of Transportation will spend $6 million to repair four Erie Canal bridges in three towns beginning in 2019.

“I am excited to see that the state is making a significant commitment toward the future of these bridges spanning the historic Erie Canal,” Oaks said. “The bridges are heavily traveled and are important connectors on north-south roads in Wayne County. I applaud the state’s investment toward the long-term viability of the canal bridges and the transportation needs of county.”

“This is incredible news for Wayne County,” Helming said. “These repairs will improve the safety of these bridges that our residents travel on every day. Infrastructure improvements not only keep our communities safe but also help drive the local economy. As State Senator, I will continue to work closely with Assemblyman Oaks and my colleagues at the local and state level to advocate for additional infrastructure funding.”

The bridges scheduled for repair are:

County House Bridge in the Town of Arcadia
Lyons-Marengo Road Bridge in the Town of Galen
Galloway Road Bridge in the Town of Palmyra
Port Gibson Bridge in the Town of Palmyra

“We are excited that the NYSDOT will be making the investments in four bridges that carry Wayne County roadways over the Erie Canal,” Wayne County Highway Superintendent Kevin Rooney said. “These improvements will help to ensure that travel throughout the county continues without delay.”

DOT Regional Director Kevin Bush said one contract for up to $6 million will cover all four bridges. He said he recently signed the design approval for the project. The work will not begin until the 2019 construction season.

All of the bridges are currently open but have weight restrictions. The DOT will continue to monitor the condition of the bridges.

“With the opening of the new, two-lane Canandaigua Road bridge in Macedon earlier this year and with work done on several other canal bridges this past construction season we should see fewer temporary and long-term closures of canal bridges in Wayne County once these four bridges are repaired,” Assemblyman Oaks said.