Oaks: A New Year, New Opportunities

A Statement from Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R,C-Macedon) following the 2018 State of the State Address
January 4, 2018

WATCH VIDEO OF OAKS’ REMARKS: Https://Youtu.Be/Vzfkl7fhoty

New York is confronted with huge challenges in 2018. The Governor will be presenting his budget proposal in two weeks. Faced with a sluggish economic climate and looming budget deficit, we still need to pass a balanced, fiscally-responsible, timely budget that doesn’t rely on increased taxes, more borrowing and fiscal gimmicks.

More than ever, we need to spend taxpayers’ money cautiously and effectively. We need to finally create transparency and accountability with state economic development funds and all taxpayer dollars.

Though mandate relief is promised each year, real relief never seems to make the final budget cut. In this difficult budget year, significant mandate relief must be a priority.

A new year provides new chances to put New York on the right path. We need to be a state that leads in opportunity not in out-migration of its citizens. We need to be a state that has a vibrant economy that reaches all regions of our state.

Currently New York is ranked at or near the bottom for taxes, economic climate, and business opportunity. We need to improve the economic environment in New York State and that happens with reducing burdensome regulations and having a more competitive tax structure. It happens with government making better policy and then getting out of the way.