Statement by Assemblyman Kolb Regarding Meganís Law Extension

January 10, 2006

Today, my colleagues and I met in Albany in support of reforming Meganís Law and passing a bill requiring lifetime registration on the state Sex Offender Registry for all convicted sex offenders. Members of my conference have supported calling a joint conference committee on the topic, and I am glad Speaker Silver and his members finally support the idea.

While our agreement on a conference committee is the first step in the right direction, the inconsistency shown by Speaker Silver has caused an unnecessary holdup in protecting our families. However, time is running out.

By now, I am sure most people are aware that, on January 21, 168 names will be dropped from the Sex Offender Registry. That may sound like a lot, but it is only the tip of the iceberg, with over 3,000 more slated to be dropped by yearís end.

The governor, the state Senate and my conference have all approved this measure, so what is holding the majority back? Inaction on the part of the majority has led to an immediate risk to our women and children, this is an unacceptable risk and we need to act now!