Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb Releases “Quick Start” Forecast From Minority Conference

November 5, 2009

“Today, pursuant to state law, our Conference released its assessment of New York’s fiscal condition, along with our estimates of disbursements for public assistance, Medicaid and school aid, as well as our estimates for tax and lottery receipts. Our fiscal analysis has suggested that the state’s budget gap is likely to be $3.7 billion this year and grow to $7.3 billion next year. Our Conference believes that declining tax revenues coupled with increased state spending make it more important than ever that next year’s Enacted Budget provide fiscally sound proposals and not raise taxes or fees on already overburdened taxpayers. We look forward to working in a non-partisan fashion with the other Legislative Conferences and the Governor, through an open and transparent process that yields a fiscally responsible, on-time 2010-11 State Budget.”