Welcome Letter

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Thank you for visiting!

I would like to take this opportunity introduce myself to you as your Assemblywoman for the 72nd District. I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to continue to serve the community where I was raised and am now raising my daughter, Mia.

My office is here to serve as a point of access to the services available to you through State government. I believe that government and public servants should be accessible and accountable to the communities they have sworn to serve.

I am honored to have been assigned as a member in the following committees: Banks, Corporations, Authorities & Commissions, Correction, Housing and Mental Health. I look forward to bringing my perspective and the voices of the residents of the 72nd District into the process of shaping meaningful legislation.

I hope we are able to remain connected as work to improve the quality of life of all New Yorkers.


Carmen De La Rosa
Assemblywoman, 72nd District