Nolan Works to Restore Fire Protection and Forward Other Measures to Enhance Infrastructure for Queens

January 29, 2008

When Engine 261 was eliminated in May of 2003 it created a gap in coverage for the people of Queens. As we have seen from recent events in which a fireman was injured at a blaze at 51st Avenue and Gorsline Street, something needs to be done about this growing problem.

I would argue that it is symptomatic of the challenges faced by Queens West as a result of fast-paced development coupled by a lack of support to improve area infrastructure.

While I applaud all efforts to develop Hunters Point South to its full potential for the families of our city, precautions must be in place to assure the community that past promises are kept. Surely we should all agree that Queens West (North) should be actualized as the dynamic, livable community we all envisioned-prior to the start of a new community at Queens West South.

We must see the expansion of PS 78 to K-8, a new middle school and High School in Queens West, a police precinct house, improved bus service, library, a subway upgrade and the assurance that St. Mary’s senior center remains open.