Statement on the March 3 Community Rally in Regard to the Proposed 44th Drive RFP

February 16, 2018

I plan to attend the community rally on March 3 to speak out against the current proposals slated for the property in and around 44th Drive. In September of last year, I sent a letter to the Mayor expressing my opposition and concern about the proposal to develop this parcel of public land.

As I stated last September, these proposed buildings are too massive and the RFP does not take into consideration the need for additional green space and parkland which has been identified by many civic leaders, organizations and residents as a priority for the Hunters Point, Court Square and Long Island City Communities. As there is a dearth of open space in this neighborhood, this would be an ideal location for a significantly sized park. This area is also a flood zone which would make additional residential buildings problematic when another Hurricane or Tropical Storm comes up the coast.

I urge Mayor de Blasio and the NYC Economic Development Corporation to take a step back, put the RFP on hold and listen the community, civic organizations and residents on what they believe this parcel of land should be. This is public property and any plans, now more than ever, should include ideas and alternatives that come directly from local residents. Schools, parkland, green space and a community center are many ideas that I have heard and the city has a golden opportunity to make good on these suggestions.