Assemblywoman Pellegrino Repeats Demands for Safety Improvements at Intersection of Route 109 and Main Street, Farmingdale in Light of Tragic Accidents

Assemblywoman Pellegrino, Senator John Brooks and community residents hold press conference, organize petition drive, and request immediate action from NYS DOT
July 3, 2017

Assemblywoman Pellegrino, Senator John Brooks and community residents held a press conference today to demand safety improvements at the intersection of Route 109 and Main Street in Farmingdale in light of tragic accidents.

Multiple accidents over the last few years clearly demonstrate that the intersection requires safety improvements to protect community residents. Assemblywoman Pellegrino, Senator John Brooks, and community residents are requesting that the NYS Department of Transportation act immediately.

“The time for action is now, we cannot wait until we senselessly lose another life from a traffic accident at this dangerous intersection. I am deeply saddened by the loss and pain and offer my condolences to all the family members and friends of the victims of traffic accidents at this intersection,” said Assemblywoman Pellegrino.

"Too many lives have been tragically lost at this intersection over past months and action must be taken before any more are cut short. I urge the DOT to immediately evaluate ways to minimize future accidents and implement solutions to improve driver safety," said Senator John Brooks.

“I started this petition because I watched too many accidents and I didn’t want to be that person who complains but doesn’t do anything. I have two kids who just started driving and I didn’t want to look back, god forbid something happened to them, and not have said something,” said Nancy Wagner, author of the petition signed by over 2,000 residents.

“The last fatality was my daughter’s friend and as other details emerged, other tragedies, I felt the need to talk to Assemblywoman Pellegrino and she said she could help, and because of this effort, all of these voices in the community have emerged,” said Lori Pizzarelli, a concerned resident.

“As a mother in the community I am greatly concerned about the lack of responsiveness by elected officials until today when the trend was broken by Assemblywoman Christine Pellegrino and Senator John Brooks. We are tired of burying our children and our neighbors and the time to take action is now. This is not a party issue, this is about community members coming together to promote safety in their own town,” said Eva Pearson, a concerned resident.

“I want the NYS DOT to get out here and expedite a change. The Nassau County Police Commissioner and Sergeant Discola responded immediately and have been enforcing traffic laws all over Farmingdale since we sent a letter. We have only received one response from the NYS DOT about our letter, on June 20th, that someone will contact you and haven’t heard anything since,” said Beth Mignone, President of the Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce.

“I feel that the traffic patterns have changed in Farmingdale, we need the DOT to review the entire area of Farmingdale for safety and flow of traffic,” said Tina Diamond, President of Concerned Citizens Association of Farmingdale.

“We need to make Farmingdale safer. We are Dalers and we matter too,” said Kathy Lively, Secretary of the Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of the Farmingdale Board of Education, and Leader with the Farmingdale Youth Council.

There have been prior requests that the Department of Transportation make changes at this intersection. Specifically, we are calling for the use of red light arrows in the left turn lane to prevent cars from turning left into oncoming traffic and that the Department of Transportation conduct an assessment and recommend additional safety improvements at this intersection.