Assemblywoman Pellegrino Hosts Town Hall Meeting to Address Rat Infestation

August 18, 2017

Concerned West Islip residents attend Assemblywoman’s Pellegrino’s town hall to discuss rat infestation.

Assemblywoman Christine Pellegrino (D-Babylon/Oyster Bay/West Islip) held a town hall meeting on Thursday to address residents’ concerns about the rat infestation in West Islip. Assemblywoman Pellegrino was joined by a representative of the Suffolk County Department of Health, as well as Senator Phil Boyle, Legislator Thomas Barraga, and Town of Islip Councilman Steve Flotteron, who answered residents’ questions and fielded their concerns. Members of the community have reported seeing large rats running through their yards during the day and are concerned about the health and safety issues the pests bring. 1

“Rats not only damage property – including chewing electrical equipment, which can cause fires – but they can also carry a number of diseases,” Pellegrino said. “We don’t live in the dark ages. Our West Islip neighbors are right to be concerned about the number of rats that are in their community and justified in demanding that action be taken.”

“This is a major health and safety concern for our families due to the vast number of diseases rats can carry, the danger to pets and the structural damage they can wreak on homes”, noted Pellegrino.

The issue of zombie homes being a safe haven for the vermin came up as well. Senator Phil Boyle said he would partner with Assemblywoman Pellegrino to make sure the zombie homes are addressed.

To help combat the rat population, make sure to feed pets indoors, keep garbage covered and yards clean, and report unsanitary properties to the Suffolk County Department of Health. 2

You can reach the health department by phone at 631-852-5900 or by email at