Press Releases

Crouch Calls for Passage of Ramona’s Law

Crouch Shows Support for Tax Credit for Volunteer Firefighters

Crouch Joins Conference In Urging Assembly Majority to Reconsider Farmworkers Fair Labor Act

Crouch Encourages Businesses to Give Those in Recovery a Second Chance

Crouch Pushes Back against Legislation Aimed at Issuing Driver’s Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants

Crouch: Changes to Star Could Cost Taxpayers

Crouch Concerned With Legislation Sealing Arrest Records for Job Applicants

Crouch: Who is Next if Parole Board Lets Cop Killers and Domestic Terrorists Walk Free?

Crouch Announces Petition to Pass Gold Star Families Education Bill This Session

Crouch: Gold Star Families’ Education Funding Will Be Provided This Year

Crouch Thrilled To See Governor Come Out In Support Of Gold Star Education Bill

Crouch & Akshar Dedicate Bridges In Hancock To Fallen Veterans

Assembly Majority Plays Politics, Blocks Bipartisan Education Bill

Crouch: Criminal Justice Reforms Will Have Law Enforcement Scrambling To Find Fugitives

Crouch Disgusted With Lack of Funding For Direct-Care

Should Upstate New York And New York City Be Two Separate States?

Crouch Stands with Direct-Care Workers in Albany Fighting For Living Wage

Crouch Joins Colleagues Calling For Funding For American Legion in State Budget

Crouch: New Yorkers Are Lucky Assembly One-House Resolution Is Just a Wish List

Crouch Calls for Increase in CHIPS Funding For 2019