Crouch Outlines Importance Of Mandate Relief At Press Conference With State And Local Officials

June 20, 2011

Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch (R,I-Guilford) today joined with Assembly Minority colleagues, local elected officials, and local-government advocates from across the state to push for mandate relief for localities and school districts before the conclusion of the 2011 legislative session. Crouch, a strong advocate for mandate relief, outlined the importance of mandate reform and the effect it would have at the local levels of the state.

“A property tax cap paired with comprehensive mandate relief is the biggest and most important issue facing local governments, school districts, taxpayers, and businesses,” said Crouch. “For years, Albany has passed their costs on to the local level. We are at a point now where taxpayers are overwhelmed and can no longer afford to stay in their homes, businesses are leaving the state, local governments are shutting down essential services, and schools are struggling financially. Delivering mandate relief is crucial to protecting taxpayers and small businesses and a key to ending Albany’s relentless buck-passing.”

Crouch is a co-sponsor of Assembly bill 8447, which would move to enact the Taxpayer Protection and Mandate Relief Act along with other various reforms such as a spending growth cap, increased employee contributions to health insurance, limiting unfunded mandates, labor-law reforms for public works projects, and reductions in reporting requirements under the education law.

“The single most important issue that the Legislature can do before the close of the current legislative session is pass a property tax cap with mandate relief,” said Crouch. “Within a few hours we were able to bring up and pass rent control regulations for downstate special interests, yet, where is the tax relief for our 10 million struggling homeowners? Albany needs to re-prioritize and reduce New York’s sky-high property taxes through a cap and mandate relief today.”