Crouch Appointed To Represent Assembly Minority Conference In 2013-14 Budget Talks

Requests transparency, flood mitigation funding, aid to businesses and farmers, and use of crossbows statewide
March 13, 2013

Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch (R-Guilford) was recently appointed to represent the Assembly Minority Conference during this year’s budget negotiations on the Agriculture/Environmental Conservation/Housing Joint Conference Committee. At the first meeting, Crouch called for a transparent budget process, a minimum wage vote separate from the budget, $25 million in flood mitigation funding from the Environmental Protection Fund, increased aid to apple growers, statewide use of crossbows (with certain areas exempt), aid to businesses, among other requests. In addition, he stated the conference’s opposition to the 18-A Assessment, or the “NYS Energy Tax”, for consumers and the expansion of the Bottle Bill, unless aid is provided to offset costs.

“As lawmakers, we have a duty to make sure everyone is fairly represented in this budget process – the taxpayers, businesses, farmers and sportsmen,” said Crouch. “The purpose of holding these conference committee meetings is to reach a compromise on areas of the budget where the Assembly and Senate differ. I look forward to serving my conference, my constituents in the district and constituents across the state during this process.”

Click here to view Assemblyman Crouch’s full testimony at the meeting.