Crouch Says No to Cuomo’s Plan to Bolster College Education in Prisons

August 8, 2017

Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch (R-Bainbridge) today voiced his opposition to a plan introduced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo that would invest $7 million in grants to colleges that will offer college classes to prisoners.

“It’s unfortunate that the governor focuses so much time on providing criminals with a college education,” said Crouch. “So many middle-class families struggle to make ends meet in this state, let alone send their children to college. We should be focusing on assisting them. Even though we are providing free tuition, there are other costs such as room, meals and books that keep low income families from attending college. Here we are giving prisoners a free ride. I am all for the rehabilitation of New York’s inmates and cutting back on recidivism rates, but it should not come before the education of our children.”

Under the governors new plan 17 new prisons would join this list, with classes available from seven different colleges including Cornell University.

“There are children who work very hard their whole lives to attend universities like Cornell, good kids, who have never been in trouble or committed any crimes against society that will never get the opportunity to attend college due to financial circumstances out of their control,” said Crouch. “Why should criminals so easily get the opportunity to take classes over them? I just don’t see the logic, rob a convenience store and get a free college education. This $7 million he is using is settlement monies, these are one time revenues and should be spent on capital or infrastructure projects where it is truly needed, also this should be a budget item voted on by the legislature. ”