Crouch Joins Conference In Urging Assembly Majority to Reconsider Farmworkers Fair Labor Act

May 15, 2019

Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch (R-Bainbridge) joined his colleagues today in signing a letter to the Assembly Majority asking them to reconsider their stance on A.2750, the Farmworkers Fair Labor Act. The bill aims to grant farmworkers collective bargaining rights, requires at least one day of rest per week, 8 hour work days, overtime compensation, unemployment insurance and workers' compensation.

Crouch and other opponents of the legislation fear that this will have a devastating impact on the agriculture industry, family farms and farm laborers around the state. Rising payroll costs could result in farmers being forced to reduce workers hours to cut costs and prevent overtime payments, which in turn will hurt laborers and take money out of their pockets, or worse destroy the agriculture industry completely.

“As a former dairy farmer I know firsthand the struggles our farmers face day to day to keep their farms up and running,” said Crouch. “The dairy and agriculture industries are crucial to New York’s economy, any hiccups they feel will be devastating to New York. The agriculture industry is already fragile, we should not be putting any more of a burden our struggling farmers than they already endure. This could have devastating consequences to farmers and farm hands alike. Farmers cannot afford this. I strongly encourage my colleagues to consider the impact this could have on our upstate economies, this could put a lot of people out of business and work.”