Crouch Reiterates Opposition to ‘Green Light Bill’

June 12, 2019

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Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch (R-Bainbridge) and county clerks from the 122nd Assembly District shared their thoughts on the passage of the ‘Green Light Bill’ in the state Assembly, which would issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

“I have said this before and I will say it again, we should not be issuing driver’s licenses to people who are here illegally,” said Crouch. “It legitimizes illegal immigration and encourages it to continue. Today’s passage of the ‘Green Light Bill’ once again shows how out of touch the Assembly Majority politicians really are, as a recent Siena Poll showed that over 53% of voters do not support this initiative. With just two weeks left in this year’s legislative session it’s time we get back on track and address the real issues facing New Yorkers.”

“Otsego County will not issue a license to anyone who cannot produce 6 points of ID,” said Otsego County Clerk, Kathy Sinnott Gardner.

“I am opposed to illegal immigrants obtaining a New York State Driver’s License. What makes people think just because they are issued a driver’s license our roads will be safer? Yes some might register and insure their cars but I’m betting most won’t. As clerks we do not have any way of verifying foreign documents they will use for identification, nor the means for an interpreter so we can understand what they are asking for,” said Delaware County Clerk, Debra Goodrich.

“This is nothing more than an unfunded mandate on local governments,” argued Broome County Clerk Joe Mihalko. “In Broome County alone, it’s estimated that 500 undocumented immigrants will be eligible for immediate licensure, yet the State’s not giving us a dime to hire additional staff to handle the influx, verify the authenticity of foreign identification or assist with language translation needs. As written, it’ll be a logistical nightmare for County-operated DMVs.”