Let’s Keep Politics Out of the Budget

A statement from Assemblyman Cliff Crouch (R-Bainbridge)

“As New York faces one of the worst public health crises we have ever experienced, the governor and state Majority politicians continue to play politics during budget talks. In the coming days it has been said we will work to pass a budget that not only will be rushed through the process on a week’s notice, but also be riddled with social issues like a ban on hydrofracking, and legalizing marijuana. While I understand the governor would like to pursue his agenda, I believe now is not the time to play politics. The state Majority should not pass a budget while the public is distracted during the tragic outbreak of COVID-19. We should explore the options of passing a budget that only addresses our fiscal obligations, or at the very least pass an extender so we can take up budget talks at a later date when all the dust has settled.”