New York's Parole Board Ignores Pleas of Victims Again

Assemblyman Cliff Crouch (R-Bainbridge) is voicing his displeasure today of the state parole board’s decision to parole convicted killer Bruce Haims despite the pleas of the victim’s sister, Lisa Sharon, and her family. In 1983, Bruce Haims brutally beat Pamela Sharon to death with a family heirloom for rejecting his advances. Lisa Sharon, Pamela’s sister, wrote a letter to the parole board last month urging them to deny Haims’ parole, stating women everywhere would be at risk if Haims was set free. Despite Sharon’s letter, the parole board last month voted to free Haims on or around May 26.

This is not the first time the Cuomo-appointed parole board has faced scrutiny for releasing violent offenders. Over the last few years, they have freed the likes of known cop-killer Herman Bell and convicted domestic terrorist Judith Clark.

“It’s frustrating to see time and time again this parole board side with criminals, despite the pleas of victims’ families,” said Crouch. “The Sharon family should not have to live in fear as their loved ones’ killer walks free. It is truly disturbing they have continuously showed no regard for victims and their families. Bruce Haims should never see the light of day, and I am calling on the governor to replace this current parole board. Their actions have been inexcusable.”