Crouch Joins Assembly Minority Conference’s Call to Let Dentists Begin Practice

Assemblyman Cliff Crouch (R-Bainbridge) announced today he has joined the Assembly Minority Conference in writing a letter to the governor asking that the state allow dentists to begin practicing again in New York. Currently, dentists are not allowed to accept voluntary visits and can only permit emergency visits and procedures. Crouch and the Assembly Minority made note that The American Dental Association (ADA) has worked vigorously with the NYSDA to produce a plan for dental office reopening. Their plan has been sent to the state’s Department of Health and is a well-developed plan that can be applied to many dentist offices across the state.

“We are calling on the governor to once again allow dentists to practice voluntary visits,” said Crouch. “All over the state we are seeing hospitals begin to allow voluntary surgeries, why can’t dentists? Our dentists in New York operate at the highest standard and I truly believe their reopening plan is well developed and thought out. It is my hope that in the coming days we will see the governor make an announcement that dentists can once again begin practicing in New York.”

The letter is attached.