Assemblymember Quart Statement on SFY 2018-19 Budget Agreement

New York, NY – Following the announcement of the SFY 2018-2019 Budget Agreement, Assemblymember Quart released the following statement:

“There are positives in this year’s budget to celebrate -- an unprecedented amount of funding for public schools, money for the city’s hospitals and action to prevent people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms.

“However, it misses the mark completely in other respects. We had a chance to make crucial reforms to our criminal justice system and find solutions to fund our subway system. A fee on for-hire vehicles will fall disproportionately on Manhattanites, without fixing the gridlock in our neighborhoods that congestion pricing would have solved.

“Despite the overwhelming support for bail, discovery and speedy trial reforms, the budget did not include any changes to these areas. Ending cash bail and the criminalization of poverty is a vital issue in New York and nationally. We must maintain the momentum built by activists and advocacy groups to ensure we keep up the fight for genuine reform.

“Despite setbacks, this budget does make progress, but of course there is much work left to be done. In the remaining time we have left of this legislative session, I look to forward to addressing important outstanding issues and working with my colleagues to deliver for the people of New York.”