Statement from Assemblymember Dan Quart Regarding Bail Rollbacks

“Rolling back bail reform is unconscionable. It undoes the progress we painstakingly negotiated for months, and it does so through what has been an anti-democratic process. No directly impacted people have been consulted. In fact, the people who will be most severely impacted by this legislation have been begging us not to make these changes, as have defense attorneys, faith communities, and the New York Times editorial page. They recognize what should be obvious to us all – these rollbacks undermine some of the core values of our legal system: the presumption of innocence and the belief that all people are equal in the eyes of the law.

"Do not underestimate the devastating effects this rollback will have on Black, brown, and low-income communities. No one needs reminding why we fought for bail reform in the first place. We’re familiar with the statistics, the stories and the human lives at the center of this fight. Unfortunately, today, we put human lives on the back burner in favor of capitulating to prosecutors, police unions, and the New York Post.

"Even worse, we have done it at a time when there is nothing more important than protecting New Yorkers from the coronavirus. We know that jails and prisons are especially vulnerable to this virus’ easy spread, transforming every person incarcerated into a sitting duck. Passing legislation to incarcerate more people, in the midst of a global pandemic, is a terrible mistake."