Press Releases

Stec reflects on the End of 2018-19 Legislative Session

Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act Will Hurt New York’s Economy

Stec, Essex and Warren County Clerks Weigh In On Passage of ‘Green Light’ Bill

Stec Speaks Out Against Green Light Bill

Stec: Inmate Pay Raise Should Not Be a Priority

Stec: Farmworkers Fair Labor Act Will Have Far Reaching Effects

Stec Weighs In On Parole of Judith Clark

Stec Announces Victory for Gold Star Families’ Education Funding

Stec Urges Constituents to Sign Petition for Gold Star Children’s Education Bill

Gold Star Children’s Education Bill blocked by Majority Members

Stec Calls On Assembly Majority to Make Ethical Change in New York

Stec: Great Budget for NYC, Criminals and Illegal Immigrants, Upstate Not So Much

Stec Responds To One-House Budget Resolution

Stec Calls for More Funding for Roads and Bridges in the North Country

Stec: Legislature Places More Restrictions on Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Stec Joins Colleagues to Unveil Budget Priorities for 2019-2020 Enacted Budget

Governor Guts Criminal Justice System to Balance Budget

Stec Hopes to Restore Funding to At-Home Care Funding

Stec: We Need More Funding for Our Roads and Bridges Upstate

Dream Act Provides For Some, While Most New Yorkers Struggle