Join Dan Stec in Protecting our Second Amendment Rights!

February 15, 2013

As you are aware, the Second Amendment Constitutional freedoms of New Yorkers were recently weakened by the passage of Governor Cuomo’s restrictive new gun control measures. I strongly opposed this legislation that was rushed through both houses of our state Legislature without a single public hearing or the proper time to carefully review the bill.

Governor Cuomo’s gun control laws should only mark the beginning of a critically important debate. I believe we must repeal and replace the restrictive parts of the enacted legislation. We should focus on increasing penalties for criminals who use firearms and addressing the issue of mental illness. However, I cannot do it alone: I need strong Second Amendment supporters like you to join me in taking a stand against laws that only harm the rights of law-abiding New Yorkers.

Please sign my petition urging for a repeal of these restrictive gun control measures. If every New Yorker who supports the Second Amendment makes their voice heard, we can forge a true public safety remedy that addresses real issues such as dangerous criminals and mental health without infringing upon the Second Amendment.

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