Stec Disappointed With Tax Freedom Day Ranking

May 14, 2018

Assemblyman Dan Stec (R,C,I-Queensbury) expressed his disappointment today in regard to the Tax Foundation’s annual Tax Freedom Day rankings. Tax Freedom Day is the day calculated by the Tax Foundation in which state residents have officially earned enough to fulfill their federal and state tax obligations, and it is often a good indicator of the tax climate of the state. New York was the last state to reach its Tax Freedom Day on May 14, ranking us 50th in the nation.

“It's upsetting to see New York consistently recognized for its burdensome taxes,” said Stec. “Year after year, we're seeing small businesses, talented young people and frustrated middle-class families priced out of New York State. This is a product of the tax-and-spend culture that has plagued Albany for decades. As legislators, we need to work to make New York more affordable for our residents and businesses. Cutting wasteful spending and helping to reduce the tax burden for all New Yorkers should be a top priority for every legislator in this body.”