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June 6, 2018
"Since 2010 we've had a 121% increase in opioid deaths in the state of NY. Research from the Rand Corporations says that in states where they have medical marijuana to be used for opioid addictions, they've had a 25% decline in overdose deaths. We currently give people methadone. What is methadone- it is another opiate. During my years as a public defender in Brooklyn from '87 to '95 I represented a great number of people who were opioid addicts. And the ones who were put on methadone, the physical cost for continuing to use an opioid devastates the human body. Using medical marijuana  is an option. Clearly, if I had a family member who was addicted to opioids, I would much prefer that that family member be given the treatment option to see if medical marijuana addressed the problem," said Assemblymember Daniel J. O'Donnell explaining a bill he sponsored that would add opioid use disorder to the list of conditions for which a doctor may authorize medical marijuana. (A.09016)