Gas Stoves Ignite Woke Rage

A Legislative Column from Assemblyman Dave DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora)

Gas stoves are only the latest victim in a coordinated, calculated, and well-funded effort by progressives to “protect” us from ourselves. New York state is now next in line, joining Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and dozens of other cities or counties in California and Massachusetts to ban gas hookups for new constructions.

The result of this rushed, forced electrification will surely yield record-high electric bills and lead to a strain on home-heating devices that cannot handle New York winters. Albany liberals are now making this state even more unfeasible for residents at a time when New York’s cost of living and resulting population exodus are already record-setting.

 Climate zealots claim their goal is to “save” the planet via killing fossil fuels. After decades of hokey studies in a failing effort to scare Americans into releasing their gas-powered cars, and in this case stoves, the government is now forcing our hand. Climate extremists will stop at no end to take away your way of life, and stoves are only a gateway excuse for the government to ban what they deem as detrimental.

Climate extremists will stop at no end to strip the casual American from their modern conveniences. These people will sabotage classical artwork merely for being created with oil paint and will sit arm in arm on the freeway blocking traffic for hours. This climate extremism has indoctrinated its followers, and just like most liberal ideas, it either ignores or covers up the deadly consequences of its pending result.

Our infrastructure is not ready for forced electrification at this scale. Utility companies can’t provide every single household, business, school, hospital and every other dwelling with electric power all at once. They know transformers across the state will fail and rolling blackouts coupled with record-high electric bills will ensue.

The war being waged on gas stoves is only one piece of the puzzle. Lawnmowers, cars, dirt bikes and recreational toys alike are already being discussed and are read to be put into law. They are hellbent on “green energy” and electrification and will exercise all options no matter how much they infringe on your liberties to get their way.

This is how we got climate outfits masquerading as experts in Albany, but remember, they pretended this was not the case until real scientists and real Americans called out these progressive climate radicals for what they were actually doing. I will continue to be your voice in Albany, exposing their lies, falsehoods and overreaching tactics against moronic “green” transitions.