DiPietro Receives GAP Elimination Letters From Superintendent Brian Ross

Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C – East Aurora) met with East Aurora Superintendent Brian Ross to receive letters from concerned citizens regarding the controversial 2010 education cuts, known as the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA), which forced draconian cuts in school funding. DiPietro voted in favor of ending the GEA last year, and has worked to restore the cuts. These cuts led to the loss of 23 teachers, a reduction in art and music classes offered to children K-8, and larger class sizes for the East Aurora School District.

“The GEA has caused schools, not just in East Aurora, but schools across our community and state, to drastically limit the programs they offer,” DiPietro said. “It’s forced teachers out of work, it’s limited after-school programs, and increased the size of our classrooms. This year, during budget negotiations, I will be bringing these letters with me to show the people support ending the GEA. We need to get back to fully funding our schools, and it needs to start this year.”