DiPietro Comments on First Day of Percoco Trial

A statement by Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C,I-East Aurora).
January 22, 2018

“How many times must we talk about ethics reform before our outrage is heard by our peers across the aisle? Time and time again we bring ethics reform to the floor and it’s stamped down. The atmosphere in Albany reeks with corruption and Gov. Cuomo is at the center of it, and that seems to be the status quo? Gov. Cuomo called Percoco his brother but will he stand up now and defend his so called brother when he’s fighting for his life in court? I think not. Hopefully, the outcome of his minion’s trial will serve as an example to those who would abuse their positions of power.”

DiPietro stands against corruption by sponsoring numerous bills to clear the air of the taint of corruption. He’s fighting back against extortion, favor trading and bid-rigging with the Public Officers Accountability Act (A5864) along with his bill from last year that strips pensions from corrupt politicians (A4659).