New Budget Equals New Taxes

A statement on the one house budget by Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C,I-East Aurora).
March 14, 2018

ďWith the release of the Assembly Majority One-House Budget proposal this legislative year, we once again see New York City Majority members priority of brand new taxes to the number of $1.9 billion, another round of new taxes on businesses, wasteful spending with waves of handouts and a focus on illegal immigrants and free college.

ďItís more of the same and itís the reason why New York has such a toxic business climate and people have been leaving the state in droves. While there are some good ideas, such as the tax on the opioid providers to attack the source of the epidemic and the much needed increase in education spending. Iím deeply disappointed with the direction this budget is taking with not a single whisper towards cutting spending and reducing our government footprint.Ē