DiPietro Warns Of Crippling Farm Bill

May 15, 2019

Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C,I-East Aurora) has signed on to a letter of support with members of the Assembly Minority Conference opposing a bill that would unionize farm laborers. The legislation would grant collective bargaining rights along with myriad legal protections and restrictions on farmers that DiPietro is worried would destroy upstate New York’s agricultural tradition irrevocably.

“Here we go again, downstate politicians legislating something that they have no idea about,” DiPietro said. “How many of these sponsors have worked on a farm? Even been on a farm? It’s simply ludicrous that they think they can tamper with an age old tradition like farming like this and expect the food they eat every day to still be there. The farming industry is unique among businesses for its timeless hours and ceaseless need for attention, to think that NYC knows anything about running a farm is ludicrous. I’m proud to stand against this legislation, as anyone who lives upstate should. Our farms should be sacrosanct from this kind of meddling, but sadly NYC’s need to tinker and mess with things best left alone is all encompassing.”