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Budget Will Not Be Passed By Start Of Next Fiscal Year

As many of you have undoubtedly been hearing in the news lately, it is a foregone conclusion that New York’s budget for fiscal year 2010-11 will be passed after the April 1 deadline. What is uncertain, however, is when that budget will be passed...

Revenue Forecast Report Needs To Plan For The Worst, Hope For The Best

Just this week, Governor Paterson came out and said New York may miss March payments by as much as $2.1 billion due to various delays in revenue and lower than anticipated participation from taxpayers in his tax amnesty program. This announcement came...

Gov’s Budget Provides Inadequate Solutions To State’s Problems

Last week, I told Governor Paterson and my constituents that this year’s budget must look at what the state can afford and what is absolutely necessary for the continued survival of this state while also providing essential services to New Yorkers....

Forthcoming Budget Must Produce Plan For Fiscal Restraint After State Of State Address

Last week, I had the privilege of hearing Governor Paterson’s second State of the State address in the Assembly Chamber before a packed house of guests and legislators. His address set a tone of urgency, which, in our resent circumstances, is the...

DRP Fails To Plan For New York’s Fiscal Future

In recent months, Governor Paterson and Comptroller DiNapoli hit the alarm notifying New York residents that the state was facing a budget deficit for the current fiscal year of between $3.2 billion and $4 billion, depending on who you asked. To solve...

The brightest minds are fleeing New York in search of better career opportunities and a lower cost of living.

Assemblyman Dave McDonough’s 2009 Year in Review

Dave McDonough Wants to Know Why We Should Trust the MTA Now?

MTA Capital Spending Plan Wrong For Nassau County And How The Public Can Change It

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) recently released their five year capital spending plan which lays out how the organization plans to adapt to changing needs and budgetary restrictions during the coming years. Having read the information...

Assemblyman Dave McDonough Invites You to Nominate Women of Distinction for 2009

Budget Will Bankrupt State And Drive Families And Businesses Out

When the story of this year’s budget is written, there will be no shortage of adjectives used to describe both the process of how this budget came to be and how the end result will be viewed. There can be no doubt that this is not only the most...

Budget Process Dysfunction More Of The Same

With less than two weeks remaining before the start of New York’s next fiscal year, only three people out of 19 million New Yorkers have any idea what the state budget may end up looking like. In fact, Sheldon Silver may be the only person in all...

Education A Pawn In Governor’s Budget

As an Assemblyman, one of my greatest pleasures is seeing the citizens of Nassau County, Long Island and all of New York actively participating in government. This past weekend was a great example of individuals and organizations rallying to affect change...

Safeguarding Our Kids Online

Assemblyman Dave McDonough Working for the Needs of Young New Yorkers