McDonough: Impeachment Investigation Important First Step; Must Proceed with Urgency

A statement from the desk of Assemblyman Dave McDonough (R,C,I-Merrick)

“We have been calling for impeachment investigations into the governor's misconduct for weeks. It is clear his ability to successfully lead the state has been compromised. The Assembly Minority Conference and I have introduced three separate resolutions, starting with the mishandling and subsequent cover up of nursing home deaths, and most recently calling for an up and down vote on impeachment this past Tuesday.

“I appreciate that this sentiment is now shared amongst my colleagues in the Assembly Chamber, and I commend the decision to launch an impeachment investigation into the alleged misconduct by the governor, but the Assembly Judiciary Committee must proceed urgently and diligently. This must be done concurrently with the attorney general's investigation.

“The fiscal state of New York is abysmal, and we are fast approaching the April 1 deadline to pass a state budget. The Legislature cannot afford to delay any budget negotiations because of the governor's misconduct. The people of this state deserve an exigent government that acts with full transparency. The governor does not fit the bill.”