McDonough: Majority-Proposed Budget Resolution an Unnecessary Tax Spike

“The recent Assembly Majority One-House Budget Resolution offered few positives for a crippled fiscal state. New York is flush with cash from the federal government, benefiting at every level, down to our municipalities. Yet with all the money we are getting from Washington, Assembly Majority still can’t help themselves. The Majority-proposed bill imposes $6.8 billion in new taxes, and worse, legislators are negotiating with a governor who's embroiled in scandal and wields virtually no leverage due to his crippled reputation.

“What has been surmised since the nursing home scandal began and has been exacerbated by the allegations of sexual harassment, is clearly evident. This governor cannot successfully negotiate a budget while balancing the ever-growing list of scandals within his administration. New Yorkers should not be subject to a wild tax ride at the hands of New York City legislators. The greed is evident and a tax spike in the midst of a pandemic is the last thing we need when we should be focusing on utilizing the enormous sum of federal aid to help our small businesses recover and reopen industries that have remained stagnant since the beginning of the pandemic. There are better ways to stimulate economic growth than to force tax spikes on financially hurting citizens.