McDonough, Partiality in Pandemic Inexcusable

A statement from the desk of Assemblyman David G. McDonough (R,C,I-Merrick)

“The reports that the governor secured exclusive access for himself, his family, friends and political allies for state-administered COVID-19 tests at a time when they were virtually unavailable to the general public is disturbing. Further, he required physicians who were desperately needed at their respective hospitals and clinics to make house calls for his relatives to conduct these tests.

 “These specially-arranged tests were conducted during a time when state labs only had the capacity to process a few hundred tests each day and were at points rushed by state police troopers in special trips to state-run labs for speedy processing. Employees of the laboratory have said the tests collected from the governor's prioritized group were deemed “critical samples” and moved to the front of the line.

“During a time that required the utmost level of sensitivity and urgency, the governor chose to divert desperately-needed physicians and tests that were sparse to his relatives and political allies. It is difficult to speculate the total amount of life lost at the hands of selfishness and careless policy, but enough is enough.

“Partiality and preferential treatment during the outbreak of a pandemic is not synonymous with a self-proclaimed man of the people or COVID champion. The governor has shown his hand, and unfortunately it is self-interest and no accountability. The ever-worsening narrative surrounding this administration is seemingly unfathomable. This governor is not in a position to lead and help others when his main focus is his image and favoring his inner circle over the people of this state.”