McDonough: Majority-Controlled Budget Ignores Needs of New Yorkers

A statement from the desk of Assemblyman David G. McDonough (R,C,I-Merrick)

“It is clear the priorities of the Majority are pushing radical programs in a pandemic, and not the immediate needs of New Yorkers. Our small businesses are the backbone of this state's economy, yet the Majority politicians in Albany believe the money would be better spent in “The Excluded Workers Fund,” which gives checks worth tens of thousands of dollars to illegal immigrants, instead of supporting struggling business owners and middle-class families. In fact, New York State Majority will spend DOUBLE on stimulus checks to illegal immigrants than they will on small businesses that employ our family, friends and neighbors.

“The state is receiving over $12 billion in federal relief money, more than enough to fund sustainable and effective programs needed to lift us out of the economic state brought on by the pandemic, yet the Majority is still proposing over $5 billion in new taxes; they cannot help themselves

“I was happy to see critical improvements to highways, infrastructure, libraries and the environment, but the exorbitant spending and radical proposals attached to the few positives in this budget compel me to vote no. I will not in good conscience vote for more taxes for middle-class New Yorkers so democrats can push radical and tone-deaf programs during a pandemic. While businesses across my district and New York state are struggling to keep their doors open and families are fighting to keep food on the table, and landlords are unable to collect rent due to loopholes in state policy and renters are unable to afford rent, Majority politicians have made it abundantly clear their political victories outweigh the immediate needs of New York taxpayers.”