McDonough: Eviction Moratorium Extension Detrimental to Small Landlords

A statement from the desk of Assemblyman Dave McDonough (R,C,I-Merrick)

“An extension of the eviction moratorium is detrimental to small property owners and landlords and worsens the suffering they’ve already endured for the past 18 months. Small housing providers have seen no relief or protections, while facing rising mortgage and utility costs. The eviction moratorium, extended again through January 15, has crippled small landlords and property owners financially. These people rely on their properties as their own source of income, retirement security, and to pay for their kids’ college education.

“In January, New York received over $2.6 billion in federal aid to assist landlords and renters. However, only $200 million, or 7 percent, has actually been dispersed to landlords for their loss of income over the moratorium’s past 18 months. New York has had a disastrous record at getting ERAP funds into the hands of tenants and landlords. These people continue to suffer, while the remaining $2.1 billion in federal assistance sits idly. These funds must go into the hands of those who need it immediately.”