State Assembly Unanimously Passes Weprin-Sponsored ‘Alice’s Law’ Bill to Impose Tough Criminal Penalties on Those Who Engage in Staged Motor Vehicle Accidents

Albany, New York – Today, the New York State Assembly unanimously passed ‘Alice’s Law,’ A2615B, a major motor vehicle insurance fraud reform law sponsored by Assemblyman David I. Weprin. ‘Alice’s Law’ positions New York State to enact legislation that would potentially save New Yorkers billions of dollars in higher insurance premiums, and protect innocent victims from harmful injury or death.

‘Alice’s Law,’ named after 71-year-old Queens grandmother, Alice Ross, who was killed in a staged accident thirteen years ago, makes staging an accident to commit insurance fraud a class E Felony, thereby deterring individuals from engaging in this dangerous crime. Additionally, in staged accidents where a serious physical injury or death occurs, individuals would face a class D felony, punishable by up to seven years in prison.

Speaking after passage of ‘Alice’s Law,’ Assemblyman David Weprin said “The loss of revenue to taxpayers resulting from this type of fraud is staggering, but the loss of human life is simply unacceptable. Arranged auto accidents and insurance fraud of this type must be stopped and the time to do it is now.”