Assemblyman David Weprin Statement Regarding Comments by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Queens, New York – Assemblyman David Weprin issued the following statement in response regarding comments by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer:

“I was angered to hear White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s comments, on the first night of Passover no less, earlier this week. By claiming that Hitler ‘did not even sink to using chemical weapons’ and referring to concentration camps as ‘Holocaust centers,’ Press Secretary Spicer minimizes the plight of Jews during the holocaust and simply ignores the suffering of Jewish people during World War II, who were subjected to a genocide with the use of chemical gas at concentration camps. Furthermore, the Press Secretary’s language suggests that, despite living in the country for centuries, German Jews were not equal citizens of Germany but rather an outside group with little to do with German history or culture.

Even more troubling is that Spicer’s comments fit into a pattern of holocaust denial and anti-Semitism that has been emanating from the White House since the President’s election, and from Trump’s campaign prior to his election. We have seen then candidate Trump use anti-Semitic imagery during his election campaign. We have seen Trump hire advisors, like Stephen Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, who either overtly support anti-Semitic groups or react with acquiesce to instances of anti-Semitism. We have seen the White House intentionally omit references to the Jewish people on Holocaust Remembrance Day and we have now seen the White House refer to concentration camps as ‘holocaust centers.’

This normalization of anti-Semitic rhetoric, by the President’s administration, has no place in the United States and it is about time the President acted against this despicable behavior in his administration. Those who are callous with history or choose to ignore its lessons; like Press Secretary Spicer, Chief Strategist Bannon and Deputy Assistant Gorka; have no role managing the affairs of the United States and do not deserve to be working for the office of the President. As such, I call on President Trump to finally take a stand by removing those in his administration who support or acquiesce to any form of anti-Semitism.”