Murray Joins Conference and Senate In Announcing Repeal of SAFE Act

March 1, 2017

Today in Albany, Assemblyman Dean Murray (R,C,I- East Patchogue) joined the Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb and members of the Assembly for a press conference outlining new legislation that would repeal portions of the SAFE Act outside of New York City.

“The SAFE Act has been the most controversial bill in our legislature since its overnight adoption in 2013,” said Murray. “While those in the City of New York claim it has been effective, Long Islanders and those living upstate have only been further burdened by the restrictions it sets forth on our constitutional rights.”

Murray is a co-sponsor of bill A.6140, which limits the application of the SAFE Act to Kings, Queens, Richmond, New York, and Bronx counties.

“By ensuring that the SAFE Act is only effective in New York City, we can also ensure that our law-abiding gun owners are not being oppressed in other parts of the state,” said Murray. “The precedent of splitting the city from the rest of the state in terms of legislation is not a new one. You don’t have to look further than ridesharing or minimum wage to find a comparison. This way, the governor and the city get what they want, while those of us living outside the city benefit as well. It’s a win-win.”