Assemblyman Doug Smith Appointed Top Minority Member on Education

Assemblyman Doug Smith (R,C,I-Holbrook) today was appointed as the Minority Ranking Member on the New York State Assembly’s prestigious Education Committee which is responsible for overseeing educational policies and programs affecting prekindergarten, elementary, and secondary education for approximately 3 million children attending both public and nonpublic schools. The Committee also participates in the process for selecting persons to serve on the New York State Board of Regents.

Following the appointment, Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay (R,C,I,Ref-Pulaski) commended and congratulated Smith, saying that “The Minority Conference is proud and honored to appoint Assemblyman Smith to this position. A former high school mathematics teacher well known in the education community on Long Island, and as one of our most avid advocates for the needs of the public education system – the teachers, the staff and, most importantly, the students – we know that Doug will make us and the state proud in the fight for the continued support of this important institution. The present pandemic has presented unique challenges, his hard work and dedication in this new position will be a benefit to families in every community in our great state from Ronkonkoma to Rochester and everywhere in between.”

“I’m honored and thrilled to begin to work on this esteemed committee,” Assemblyman Smith said. “Now more than ever, the children of New York demand elected officials that will fight to expand their opportunities in our thriving public education system. Our students, faculty, and staff have performed incredibly over the course of the past year, and they deserve to see their hard work rewarded with the support of our state. I am honored to work together with my colleagues in both chambers, both Minority and Majority, along with Education Commissioner Betty Rosa, and the Board of Regents to the benefit of all New York families.”

A former high school mathematics teacher, Smith takes this position after serving for two terms as Ranking Member of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education, which oversees the State University System and licensing of professions. In addition to being appointed as the new Ranking Member of the Education Committee, he continues to serve as a Member of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, Energy Committee, Aging Committee, and Housing Committee.