Press Releases

Summer 2017 Newsletter - Boro Park

Summer 2017 Newsletter - Flatbush

Hikind Says 10-Cent Surcharge on Plastic/Paper Bags Burdens Families

Hikind Launches Nationwide Petition Campaign to Prevent U.S. Participation in Durban II

Hikind Protests B23 Bus Service Cuts

Hikind Appeals to President Bush for Pollard Pardon

Hikind Condemns Vatican’s Cardinal Martino’s Remarks Comparing Gaza to a ‘Big Concentration Camp’

Hikind to Sponsor Rally in Support of Israel Today Outside the UN

Hikind Urges President-Elect Obama to Issue a Statement in Support of Israel

Hikind Protests Sunday Closures of Area Libraries

Update: Hikind Commends Brooklyn Postmaster General for Seeking Alternate Solutions to Sunday Closure of Local Post Office

Hikind Blasts ‘Thoughtless’ USPS Decision to Close Local Post Office on Sundays

Hikind Commends MTA President Roberts for Posting Instructional Signage on All Subway Emergency Gates

Hikind And Thompson Denounce Brooklyn’s Net Cost Market for Sowing Seeds of Hate: Call Upon Owners to Pull Packages Featuring Anti-Semitic Label From All Four Store Locations

Hikind Blasts Mayor’s Plan to Assess Six-Cent Fee for Plastic Bags

Hikind Petitions Senators Clinton, McCain and Obama to Offer Asylum to Gay Iranian Who Will Be Executed if He is Returned to Iran by England

Hikind & City and State Legislators Call on German Government to Expedite Release of $140 Million Nazi Ghetto Pension Funds

Hikind Calls On NYS Department of Transportation to Dump Citgo Asphalt from Approved List of Asphalt Providers

Hikind Forges Agreement with Department of Education & MTA for Yeshiva Students Who Were Denied Metrocard Student Passes

Hikind Calls on Homeland Security to Provide National Emergency Radios to Private and Parochial Schools