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Earlene Hooper
Assembly District 18
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A04077Requires jewelry repairers to return removed portions of jewelry that is being repaired to consumers
A04078Excludes compensation received as juror from personal income tax
A04081Requires motor vehicle repair shops to give fair and legal estimates
A04084Requires that the owner shall have fifteen days from the approximate or estimated completion date specified in the contract for inspection of contracted home improvements
A04085Authorizes municipalities to impose a tax lien upon foreclosed real property for unpaid building code and zoning violation fines and expenses
A04093Provides for the payment of regular wages to bay constables of the town of Hempstead, Nassau county, for injuries or illnesses sustained in the line of duty
A04094Creates land banks for the acquisition of vacant and abandoned properties and authorizes the sale of such properties
A04095Provides housing subsidies for victims of domestic violence
A04123Requires school districts and BOCES to recognize and credit teachers with transfer credit on a uniform basis
A04141Grants home security personal income tax deductions
A04142Places stricter provisions and consequences on the operation of class DJ or MJ learner's permits or licenses
A04143Permits a landlord to inspect dwellings and exterminate bedbug infestations upon reasonable notice
A04216Relates to special proceedings to convey title to abandoned dwellings to individuals
A04222Authorizes the care and treatment of injured employees by duly licensed social workers under the workers' compensation program
A04231Creates the Long Island workforce housing incentive program
A04613Prohibits discrimination against volunteers
A04652Provides for a graduated license for the operation of motor vehicles for youth
A04670Presumptive evidence of hate crimes
A04732Requires any utility to repair and restore to its original condition any roadway of this state that it disturbs or destroys while maintaining its respective service
A04807Increases the penalty for unlawfully dealing with a minor in the first degree to a class E felony
A04866Establishes demonstration program providing electronic monitoring devices to victims of domestic violence in 5 counties
A07094Relates to emergency medical service in Nassau county
A07227Authorizes the metropolitan transportation authority to enter into an agreement to transfer certain funds of the metropolitan transportation authority to the metropolitan suburban bus authority; repealer
A07710Authorizes the Center for Rapid Recovery Inc. in the town of Hempstead to submit an application for a retroactive real property tax exemption
A07711Authorizes the transfer and conveyance of certain unappropriated state land for certain public purposes to preserve and protect the endangered natural habitat
A07890Relates to the use of first class mail to notify defendants and registrants
A09539Authorizes Iglesia Long Island Para Cristo Inc. to file an application with the assessor of the county of Nassau for a retroactive property tax exemption
A10333Authorizes the county of Nassau to accept an application for retroactive real property tax exemption from the First Reformed Church of Jamaica for a certain parcel in Hempstead
A10405Authorizes Maranatha Grace Church to file, with the county of Nassau, an application for a retroactive real property tax exemption
A10652Relates to licensing requirements for bail bond agents
A10670Relates to salary adjustments according to plan and step-ups or increments

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:

A11154Relates to a partial exemption granted to certain real property on Nassau county assessment rolls
A11254Establishes the blue ribbon commission on bail

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00191   A00228   A00236   A00240   A00241   A00256   A00265   A00269   A00284   A00287   A00289   A00294   A00304   A00311   A00312   A00316   A00318   A00321   A00322   A00330   A00347   A00397   A00400   A00401   A00414   A00426   A00427   A00428   A00429   A00433   A00445   A00447   A00453   A00467   A00502   A00514   A00525   A00530   A00540   A00585   A00588   A00596   A00603   A00605   A00628   A00648   A00652   A00686   A00690   A00713   A00716   A00724   A00738   A00769   A00828   A00835   A00843   A00849   A00855   A00859   A00862   A00864   A00880   A00887   A00892   A00914   A00921   A00929   A00932   A00950   A00951   A00955   A00974   A00980   A00989   A00993   A00995   A01015   A01020   A01023   A01035   A01040   A01052   A01067   A01104   A01136   A01142   A01157   A01190   A01213   A01214   A01215   A01219   A01226   A01235   A01255   A01256   A01268   A01270   A01315   A01331   A01334   A01343   A01348   A01381   A01439   A01445   A01516   A01518   A01568   A01582   A01597   A01646   A01665   A01673   A01676   A01691   A01747   A01748   A01770   A01846   A01847   A01849   A01889   A01890   A01891   A01892   A01916   A01930   A01937   A01945   A01946   A01973   A01977   A01992   A02026   A02040   A02044   A02054   A02063   A02074   A02084   A02086   A02088   A02105   A02107   A02126   A02135   A02156   A02157   A02210   A02212   A02221   A02239   A02287   A02358   A02360   A02366   A02406   A02411   A02422   A02433   A02441   A02449   A02457   A02481   A02506   A02532   A02536   A02538   A02577   A02600   A02605   A02624   A02661   A02694   A02775   A02782   A02842   A02874   A02898   A03038   A03079   A03099   A03110   A03169   A03230   A03239   A03246   A03253   A03276   A03288   A03317   A03327   A03339   A03370   A03371   A03390   A03392   A03400   A03434   A03443   A03452   A03462   A03482   A03504   A03554   A03565   A03597   A03598   A03625   A03668   A03698   A03729   A03752   A03762   A03782   A03829   A03838   A03855   A03895   A03953   A04013   A04061   A04079   A04087   A04096   A04099   A04100   A04109   A04125   A04152   A04153   A04158   A04205   A04233   A04249   A04297   A04298   A04325   A04350   A04364   A04394   A04398   A04403   A04430   A04461   A04487   A04506   A04538   A04655   A04657   A04798   A04837   A04876   A04890   A04903   A04982   A05089   A05090   A05106   A05108   A05200   A05222   A05223   A05224   A05236   A05249   A05250   A05306   A05330   A05348   A05350   A05376   A05391   A05445   A05467   A05485   A05500   A05514   A05540   A05573   A05585   A05589   A05624   A05627   A05646   A05718   A05741   A05835   A05839   A05844   A05846   A05863   A05885   A05925   A05944   A05961   A05969   A05985   A05995   A06012   A06026   A06029   A06037   A06129   A06236   A06247   A06261   A06264   A06269   A06270   A06279   A06283   A06340   A06359   A06449   A06470   A06485   A06511   A06528   A06572   A06589   A06611   A06634   A06659   A06660   A06694   A06700   A06707   A06731   A06736   A06751   A06761   A06784   A06823   A06830   A06838   A06861   A06866   A06869   A06872   A06875   A06953   A06956   A06965   A06967   A06997   A07034   A07035   A07047   A07062   A07093   A07122   A07165   A07194   A07208   A07210   A07213   A07217   A07228   A07236   A07274   A07293   A07305   A07332   A07379   A07419   A07433   A07435   A07436   A07437   A07438   A07457   A07462   A07482   A07500   A07516   A07519   A07529   A07543   A07582   A07615   A07619   A07641   A07699   A07777   A07815   A07816   A07853   A07911   A07915   A07945   A08000   A08132   A08146   A08168   A08178   A08267   A08618   A08709   A08717   A08730   A08751   A08764   A08767   A08773   A08782   A08795   A08820   A08861   A08952   A08963   A08972   A08980   A08984   A09011   A09533   A09691   A09704   A09741   A09806   A09812   A09818   A09866   A09958   A10031   A10090   A10129   A10185   A10225   A10265   A10305   A10422   A10424   A10427   A10467   A10475   A10546   A10576   A10586   A10620   A10631   A10632   A10645   A10686   A10702   A10741   A10764   A10809   A10822   A10845  

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