Flood Joins Fight Against Fentanyl Crisis

Assemblyman Ed Flood (R,C-Port Jefferson) attended a bipartisan press conference today alongside the Suffolk and Nassau County District Attorneys in a fight against the nationwide fentanyl crisis and public health emergency. The elected officials and advocates in attendance are pushing for stricter laws for drug dealers who are in possession of fentanyl with intent to sell. As of now, anything less than 8 oz., equivalent to a small coffee or a pint of take-out, is not bail eligible, even though a small amount can kill an individual. If Chelsey’s Law were implemented, it would hold the drug dealer accountable for knowing they are dealing a controlled substance that is likely to cause the death of another person (A.8384). Every day more than 300 people die from drug poisoning, and it is crucial laws are changed to prevent those statistics from increasing any further.

“It is shameful that New York’s laws prioritize drug dealers and ignore the detrimental harm they can cause to victims and their families,” said Flood. “Today I joined the mom of a high school friend who fell victim to the dangers of opioids. It was exceptionally heartbreaking to hear his mom speak on his behalf today. This is a serious public health emergency, and it is up to Gov. Hochul to implement policies that help protect against this frightening epidemic.”