Flood Joins Bipartisan Push for 'Melanie’s Law'

Assemblyman Ed Flood (R,C-Port Jefferson) attended a press conference to advocate for “Melanie’s Law” (A.6026/S.6288), a measure that would extend orders of protection for family members beyond the individuals named in them and to minors in the family, regardless of their age.

Melanie Chianese was a resident of Wappinger, New York when her life was tragically taken by her mother's ex-boyfriend while he was under supervised release pending sentence, later pleading guilty to a domestic violence felony. Because Melanie did not have a direct relationship with the perpetrator, she was denied an order of protection. This act is named after Melanie to honor her passion for helping others during her life in hopes that her story can inspire needed change and save lives.

“It is admirable to see Melanie’s mother stand with me and my colleagues to fight for a change in our criminal justice system,” said Flood. “Her mother standing with us brings back emotions and memories, yet she continues to advocate and pursue her wishes to make a difference. I urge the Legislature to push this proposal through the legislative process quickly so Melanie’s Law can help save lives.”