Flood Reacts to One-House Budget

A Statement from Assemblyman Ed Flood (R,C-Port Jefferson)

“My colleagues and I in the Assembly Minority have tirelessly advocated against Governor Hochul potentially removing the ‘hold harmless’ provision for this year’s state budget– I am pleased to see both sides of the aisle working together and pushing back against Hochul’s unjustifiable proposal. Protecting the education of our children is paramount.

“I am disappointed, however, to see the Assembly Majority’s desire for a record-spending budget that will ultimately continue New York’s unaffordability crisis. We have thousands of New Yorkers leaving our state for states with lower taxes, and yet Assembly Majority wants to raise our taxes by $3.5 billion, which only burdens the middle-class, hard-working residents. As we near the final state budget, I hope to see both sides of the aisle working together to ensure it prioritizes every New Yorker.”