Flood: Homeowners to Take Back Their Property Rights Once and for All

A Statement from Assemblyman Ed Flood (R,C-Port Jefferson) on the squatter bill that passed in the 2024-25 State Budget.

“The passage of the new squatter bill in the New York state budget has made me more optimistic in regard to New York’s incomprehensible squatter issue many homeowners are facing across our state. This legislation is a step in the right direction in our ongoing commitment to uphold the security and sanctity of private property to ensure New York homeowners remain safeguarded against unlawful occupancy or “squatters.” However, this is not enough to tackle this issue, which shouldn’t be an issue to begin with.”

“To further this resolution and provide an easier approach to this unbelievable problem, I have introduced a proposal (A.9731) that would solidify the process of removing squatters from privately owned homes and allow law enforcement officials to intervene and take appropriate action when necessary. By ensuring homeowners can quickly and fairly remove squatters from their homes, we are not only protecting individual property rights but also contributing to the safety of our community.”