Jaffee Statement on Express Bus Service to Tarrytown

October 24, 2017

Pearl River, NY Ė The limited mass transit options for commuters who travel from Rockland County to New York City on a daily basis creates an enormous challenge. The express routes from the Palisades Mall to the Tarrytown Rail Station are critical to these commuters and their ability to travel quickly to the train. I have continuously expressed my concerns, and once again I am calling on the New York State Department of Transportation to maintain the critical express service to the Tarrytown Rail Station from the Palisades Mall in Rockland County.

The elimination of this essential service would surely be a hardship for many and will lead to a significant loss of ridership hindering the regionís economic growth.

The Departmentís efforts to create a modern and efficient bus system, including the implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit and other traffic signal enhancement should ensure that communities like Rockland County will have access to mass transportation that meets their unique needs and encourages commuter ridership.

To that end, I urge DOT to preserve the express bus service to Tarrytown.