Interlock Breathalyzer Survey

July 24, 2015

Breathalyzers installed in all cars and stricter drunk driving standards helps save lives. Earlier this month, an allegedly drunk driver slammed his car into an automobile on the Southern State Parkway, causing it to burst into flames. Only one of the four family members escaped.

We need real solutions to reducing drunk driving in New York. Our laws are not working and innocent people are paying the price with their lives as a result. Stopping drunk drivers with whatever is necessary should be this state’s public safety priority.

My bill A6445 would require the installation of ignition interlock devices, a type of breathalyzer, in all cars manufactured, sold or registered in New York State. The bill also calls for the retrofitting of existing vehicles. The interlock ignition device measures blood alcohol concentration through a sample of air blown into it by the driver. These portable breathalyzers, attached to the car's ignition system, will not allow a car to be turned on if a deep breath lung test is not taken or passed.

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Would you buy a car with an ignition inter-lock device to help fight drunk driving?

Would you install an ignition interlock device in a car you already own?

Should all cars have ignition interlock devices?

Do you know how these devices work?

How much would you pay for an ignition interlock device?
What penalties should drunk drivers face?
Who should install ignition interlock devices in cars?

Should a driver convicted of drunk driving be permitted to have a conditional license if his/her car had an ignition interlock device that would prevent the car from starting if alcohol was measured in their breath?