New Law Expands Crime Victims Compensation for Court Appearances

November 30, 2017

Assistant Speaker Felix W. Ortiz (D-Kings) announced that the Governor has approved his legislation (Chapter 416; A.6857/S.3338) changing the way crime victim compensation is awarded for necessary court appearances.

The new law defines the term "necessary court appearance" to include any part of a proceeding from arraignment through sentencing, pre and post-trial hearings and hearings before the parole board.

“Crime victims will now be able to attend court hearings without the fear that their time in court and travel expenses won’t be considered when compensated for their efforts. Our judicial system depends on the full participation of crime victims appearing in court. The success of the judicial system is directly impacted by crime victims fully engaged. Their costs will now be factored into how much they can be compensated for their time” said Ortiz.”