Finch Reacts to the Assembly Majority Budget Resolution

March 14, 2018

“During budget negotiations, I’ve stressed two main priorities during discussions with members from both parties and in both houses: intensifying our battle against the heroin epidemic and protecting the Finger Lakes from harmful algal blooms. After studying the Assembly Majority’s’ budget proposal, I’m pleased to say that these are bipartisan priorities.”

“What I can’t support is billions in new taxes.

“We have the worst business tax climate in the country. The members of the Assembly Majority are proposing over $100 million in new business taxes.

“Upstate families pay the highest property taxes relative to home value in the country. The Assembly Majority budget would increase them by hundreds of millions of dollars.

“Under the Assembly Majority proposal, a Hollywood Film Studio would receive a tax credit for making a drama about a working class family. An actual family with a home renovation business would be hit with a 15 percent tax increase.”

“My point is simple: I’m glad we agree that robust investments in public health, education and local roads and bridges are worthwhile. I don’t agree that we should be raising taxes to invest in things like free college for illegals or the governor’s rigged development programs.”