Governor Running Out of Excuses

A statement by Assemblyman Gary D. Finch (R,C,I-Springport) on the conviction of Alain Kaloyeros
July 13, 2018

ďFor years, the governorís critics have pointed out that there are more effective, fair ways to stimulate the economy than by picking winners and losers and providing fortunate firms with taxpayer-funded perks, tax breaks and handouts. We were right. For years, the governorís critics have pointed out that his development programs simply are not coming close to creating the number of jobs he promised. We were right. Now that two of the top administration officials have been arrested and convicted on corruption charges stemming from these programs, how can the governor possibly claim that they can continue? We canít allow this administration to continue to brazenly trade taxpayer funded contracts for campaign cash from developers. Iím urging legislative leaders to call members back to Albany immediately to pass bipartisan public ethics and procurement reform.